Where Does Allen Iverson Live

Where does Allen Iverson live? Drafted first overall by the NBA team Philadelphia 76ers in 1996, he owns a house in the community of Villanova in Pennsylvania. The property measures 14,000 square feet, with six spacious bedrooms, an artificial waterfall as well as a stream. Furthermore, this house also features a veranda, a media area and a coffee bar. The master suite has bathrooms with beautiful and stylish marble floors.

Amazingly, this house has four extra bedrooms plus a segregated guest quarters with a kitchenette, living room as well as bedroom. Moreover, guests will surely love the state-of-the-art entertainment features of the house, which include a cozy lounge, a convenient billiard room and a 12-seat movie theater. However, there are recent reports that Iverson is planning to sell this beautiful and spacious house to accomplish some personal reasons.

Additional Information and Other Interesting Details

Undoubtedly, Iverson is one of the most exciting, fascinating and entertaining basketball players who have played for the National Basketball Association or the NBA. He easily impress spectators with his lightning-quick moves, aggressive style of play and undying passion for the game. Standing 6 feet tall, he is probably the smallest player ever to win the NBA Most Valuable Player award. Despite his relatively small height compared to other basketball stars, he was taken as the first overall pick by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1996 NBA Draft.

From 1996 to 2006, Iverson played for the Philadelphia 76ers before he was traded to the Denver Nuggets, where he played until the 2008 season. From 2008 to 2009, he played for the Detroit Pistons. As a professional basketball player, he has already won innumerable prestigious awards such as the NBA Most Valuable Player in 2001, the NBA Rookie of the Year in 1997, and the NCAA Big East Rookie of the Year Award in 1995.

Overall, Iverson has a very colorful basketball career. He led the NBA in scoring four times, namely in 1999, 2001, 2002 and 2005. Additionally, he led the league in steals three successive seasons from 2001 to 2003. He has already played in 10 NBA All-Star games, two of which he won the All-Star Game MVP Award, one in 2001 and another in 2005.

After spending years in Philadelphia, he was traded to the Denver Nuggets together with Ivan McFarlin on December 19, 2006, in exchange for Joe Smith, Andre Miller and a couple of future first-round draft picks. After playing for the Nuggets franchise, the team decided to trade him to the Detroit Pistons on November 3, 2008 in exchange for three players, namely Cheikh Samb, Antonio McDyess and Chauncey Billups.