Bam Margera lives in Chaddsford, Pennsylvania. But the nature of his work (TV personality/daredevil) means he moves around the country often.

Biographical Information

He was born Brandon Cole Margera on September 28, 1979, in West Chester Pennsylvania. His father is named Phil and his mother is April. He has a brother named Jess. His grandfather started calling him Bam at age three because he kept running onto walls. He attended high school at East High but later dropped out.


Margera became interested in skateboarding during his teens. Together with his friends, they began filming a series of videos where they performed various stunts. These videos became the CKY video series which Bam Margera released.

The CKY stands for Camp Kill Yourself which was taken from a movie. Some of the people included in the video were Rake Yohn, Ryan Dunn, and many more. They would become the CKY crew.

The CKY videos became a huge hit. Margera and his crew were recruited by producer Jeff Tremaine. Margera and Ryan Dunn would head the cast of what would become MTV’s Jackass.

Beyond MTV Jackass

MTV gave Margera his own show called Viva La Bam. The show featured him and his friends performing various stunts. Most of the show was shot in Pennsylvania. However, the crew also moved around. They went to places like Los Angeles and New Orleans. They also went to other countries like Finland, Mexico, and Romania. The show lasted for five seasons.

After the show, Bam Margera appeared in Bam’s Unholy Union. The show revolved around Bam’s upcoming wedding to his girlfriend Melissa. There are also reports Margera will appear in Nitro Circus. Bam is also scheduled to appear in a reality TV type show where he goes back to finish his studies.

Other Interests

Bam is part of Team Element and skateboards a lot. In addition, he has directed an independent film called Haggard. It is a movie based on his life and some of his friends. His friend Ryan Dunn portrayed himself in the film. Bam was also in the movie.

Bam Margera was also the director of Minghags. The film was a follow-up to Haggard. The film was released on DVD in late 2008. His next film was Where the #$&% Is Santa? The movie depicted the journey of Bam and his buddies to Finland. According to Bam, they wanted to go to Finland to look for Santa Claus.

Radio Show

Margera also has a radio program called Radio Bam. He hosts the show along with some of his CKY crew friends. He also has a record company called Filthy Note Records.

He has also directed music videos for several artists. Among them are Vains of Jenna, Viking Skull, and Clutch. He has also worked with the Finnish band HIM. He also opened a bar in his birthplace of West Chester Pennsylvania.

Bam Margera remains a popular TV personality. His private life has also been the subject of speculation and tabloids, but this has only made the public more curious about him.