Where Does Rob Dyrdek Live

Rob Dyrdek lives in Hollywood Hills CA. He started living in his home (4,700 sq ft) when his MTV show ended.

Biographical Information

He was born on June 28, 1974 in Kettering, Ohio to Pat and Gene Dyrdek. He has a sister Denise and his cousins (Chris and Scott Pfaff) have appeared in his TV show Fantasy Factory. He stands 5’7 and weighs 135 lbs. Early on he showed great interest in skateboarding and turned professional at age 16.

Early Career

His skills as a pro skateboarder attracted the attention of MTV. He was given a TV series called Rob and Big in November 2006. The show featured his cousin Chris and Dyrdek’s friend Chris Boykin. The show lasted until April 2008.

Afterwards, Rob Dyrdek was given another show. Entitled Fantasy Factory the show also featured his cousin Chris and the rest of the Dyrdek crew.

Fantasy Factory

The factory consists of a warehouse where Dyrdek conducts his business (aside from being a skateboarder, he is also a reality TV actor and a producer). The warehouse has many features. This includes an office, a garage and a pit.

There are also several basketball hoops scattered in and around the edifice. The factory also has a music studio for his cousin. In episodes of the show, Dyrdek was shown riding on the planet’s biggest skateboard. Rob Dyrdek also inaugurated his Safespot Skatespot in the show’s first season.

Toys and Video Games

His popularity led him to be included in video games like Skate and Skate II. An episode of Rob and Big showed the two of them filming for the video game. In his show Rob and Big, Dyrdek established several records that were certified by Guinness.

In the same episode, Boykins set the records for eating the greatest number of bananas and donuts over a specified time. Dyrdek’s ride on the largest skateboard was also a world record.

Rob Dyrdek has also gotten into the toy business. Wild Grinders are a series of toys modeled on him and his skating friends. Dyrdek also has an eyewear company called Battle Eyewear. He has his own scent named “Make Moves”.

Aside from Fantasy Factory and Rob and Big, Dyrdek’s filmography includes Gumball 3000, Righteous Kill and Street Dreams.

Records and Achievements

Among his records are most number of front side ollies with 46 (set in 2007). He also holds the record for most big ollies with 12. He has the record for nollie kickflips (37), 360 kickflips (12) and heel flips. He did 15 heel flips in 60 minutes.

He also holds the records for the following: consecutive ollies (215), skateboard ramp jump (10 ft), rail grind (100 ft) and front side kickflips (9). Since he set these records a number of them have been broken. However he is still regarded as one of the best pro skaters in the world today.

Rob Dyrdek has gone a long way from his beginnings. From skateboarding, he has transformed himself into a successful business entrepreneur and TV personality.